On the very odd occasion you have the good fortune and privilege of connecting with professionals who exhibit the same amount of excitement and passion for your personal project as you do. It’s rare to find people willing to go above and beyond the standard fare of what is required and really contribute to your ideas, vision and artistic expression. Luke is a master in his craft of film, photography and all things media; this man has the work ethic of an Olympian and never falls short of impressing you with his hard work, creative ideas & dedication in bringing something to completion. He takes pride in all he executes and it’s bloody admirable to watch. Long hours, no problems. Deadlines, no worries. He really lives and breathes his work and his passion for the art of music provides him with an advantageous perspective on how to make the most of every shot and every scene. His creative team have been an absolute pleasure to work with on several occasions and I have no hesitations in stating that whatever your art is, it will be nurtured and brought to life in the capable hands at Shots For Bands. We will definitely be working with these guys in future!
— Alexis Tajlia (Tai Sui)
Luke has that incredible ability to be able to pluck an idea out of your mind and make it a reality. He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever come across and always delivers the goods... plus he’s a funny and dashing young fellow.
— Christian Carter (Balloons Kill Babies)
Luke is an amazing creative and is also an amazing bloke to boot! One of the best I have ever worked with. He’s a solutions based operator that mixes the best of creativity with the nous to get the job done to the very highest of standards... Phenomenal work ethic, phenomenal attitude.
— Guy Williams (Actor, Fight Director/Choreographer)
Having just finished a project with Shots For Bands, I am genuinely astounded by the professionalism, time management, enthusiasm and flexibility of this independent Film and Video company. If you want to work with extremely prolific, passionate and competent video pros, with an extremely quick turn around, these guys, are your guys. Absolutely satisfied with the product, and I’ll be approaching them again very soon!
— Walter Anthony (Mecha Mecha)
Luke is a an absolute pleasure to work with and keeps the vibe on set positive and productive. Also, the end product speaks for itself. Pro quality from a most excellent dude.
— Karl O'Shea (Balloons Kill Babies)
Shots for bands is the video production equivalent of 3 multi-coloured nuclear bombs planted inside the Armageddon meteorite. [I]f you want it done better than a US government cover-up, if you want it done faster than you can say “oh shit I left the oven on and I’m on an overseas flight to Tahiti”, then you damn well better swing by McLachlan Street to crack open a cold one with your boys and talk suede-smooth shit with Luke and Jono. Your damn right I love it Buddy, I fkn LIVED IT.
— David Cheney (He Danced Ivy)
Professionalism, great attitudes, unbelievable quality, reasonable rates. Shots For Bands are the real deal. 10/10 would recommend.
— Churven McSweeney (Tai Sui)
Luke McClean. By far one of the best around at a reasonable price.
— Scott Davey (Balloons Kill Babies)
Check out Shots for Bands. Exquisite work!!!
— Michael Gee (A Breach of Silence, Chronolyth, Amicable Treason)