luke mcclean

Brisbane-based videographer, photographer and graphic designer, with over 8 years industry experience.

The Butterfly Effect, Clint Boge, Chronolyth, Acacia, Ashes of December, Beyond Contempt, Brisbane United, Buried With The Rest, Dark Symphonica, Dartvapes, Dead Riot, Fat Louie's, Humality, Ignite the Chamber, In Death, In Dying Arms, Lavidius, Like Thieves, Obserd, Rocko Goddammit, Sciamachy, Seraphic, Seven Sermons, Shorelines, Sonic Storm, Sudden Chaos, Undermine the Supremacy, Tides of Traitors, Vessel Born, Ye Gods of Metal Festival

Devin Townsend Project, Opeth, Sepultura, Caligula's Horse, Clint Boge, Acacia, As Paradise Falls, Bayharbour, Before Nightfall, Beyond Contempt, The Black Walls, Bound for Ruin, Brisbane United, Caligula's Horse, Chronolyth, Dark Symphonica, Eternal Rest, The Flynn Effect, Holly Terrens, Ignite the Chamber, In Death, In Dying Arms, Joel Adams, Laceration Mantra, Like Thieves, Malice Audio, Obserd, Lucas Merrick, Rise For November, Road to Ransome, Sciamachy, Seraphic, Seven Sermons, Skies Collide, Skulldragg, Sudden Chaos, Tai Sui, Tim Ariel, Tusk, Valhalore, Vessel Born, The Wrath

Devin Townsend Project, Ne Obliviscaris, Caligula's Horse, Osaka Punch, Aerials, All Hours, Always Yesterday, Ashes of December, As Paradise Falls, Bayharbour, Beckon the Dead, Bec Laughton, The Black Swamp, Bound for Ruin, Brimstone, Brisbane United, Burnside, Chronolyth, CKing, Creations, Darkest Hour, Dark Symphonica, Dead Letter Circus, Decadence of Cain, Demodocus, Evolution of Self, The Fevered, FuzzPilot, Gods of Eden, He Danced Ivy, Her Name is Murder Productions, Holly Terrens, Icarus Complex, The Iron Eye, Joel Adams, Jonathan Creed, Kyzer Soze, Like Thieves, The Lost Knights, Major Electric, Malice Audio, Mecha Mecha, Medusa's Mirror, Miss Elm, Rohan, Silkacid, Siv, Skies Collide, Stellar Addiction, Terror Parade, Tides of Traitors, Tria Mera, Tusk, Vessel Born, The Wrath, Ye Gods of Metal Festival

Beyond Contempt (Self-Titled EP), 2016
Buried With The Rest - 'All You Have Left To Fear' (Album), 2016
Undermine The Supremacy - 'Wendigo' (Single), 2016
Dark Symphonica - 'Immersion' (Album), 2015
Clint Boge - ‘Songs Of A Delicate Nature Vol. 1’ (EP), 2015
Lavidius - 'Prison Within' (Album), 2014
Like Thieves - 'Autumn's Twilight' (EP), 2014
Chronolyth - 'Sovereign' (Album), 2013
Chronolyth - 'Behold The Tyrant's Fall' (Single), 2013
The Butterfly Effect - 'Effected' (Double DVD Set), 2013
Rocko Goddammit - 'The Infamous' (EP), 2013
Shorelines - 'The Solstice' (Album), 2013
Like Thieves - 'The Wolves At Winter's Edge' (EP), 2013
Chronolyth - 'Bitter Reflection' (Single), 2012
Ashes of December - 'Dying is for Fools' (Album), 2011
Dead Riot - 'III' (EP), 2010
Seven Sermons (Self-titled EP), 2010
In Death (Self-titled Album), 2009
Sciamachy - 'Prognosis/Contagion' (Album), 2008

The Devil May Care: Wrath (Short Film) (Director of Photography, Editor), 2018
The Devil May Care: Lust (Short Film) (Director of Photography, Editor), 2018
The Devil May Care: Blood (Short Film) (Director of Photography, Editor), 2018
Teal Soldiers (Short Film) (Director of Photography, Editor), 2017
Chimera (Short Film) [Pre-Production] (Editor), 2016

Tides of Traitors - Let The Galaxy Burn (EP) (Vocals), 2016